Stupid people and elections

4, Mar, 2020

So the group of unwashed masses and what not are trying to decide what Liberal hippy bullshit they want to put up for the election. Now normally I stear clear of this debacle for the simple reason that no one listens at all. This time though since my great state had elected a flipping moron for governor I have been keeping tabs on them.

It looks like they are going with the tried and true this time the loser will win method. Sorry folks we did not want them ten years ago and he will not win now. You are wasting money and resources on a dead cause you idiots. You need to find some one who is younger for one, and not in the governments game of shit. If you have noticed the people are sick of the old regime and want something different.

This is why the current President won and will continue into the next term. He utilized the masses need for change and exploited social media to win his election. Make no mistake he made it his election. The others never stood a chance at it once he figured this out. Sure he is a loud mouthed person, but he has done exactly what he said he would.

What has the other side done in this time, you may ask. They have concentrated all their efforts on discrediting him and not on their jobs. I mean come the fuck on people who the hell rips up papers behind the man giving the State of the Union? Who tries to block all of his efforts to try to make things right in the this country? Who parades a Governor of a state out in front of the crowd to try and garner votes they will never get?

The fact that the President has and will not start another war to just get reelected says something about him. This whole election scheme in the U.S. is nothing but something to distract you from the real issues. One is that is feds are losing control because they are fighting each other and not the problems. Each state seems to be able to make its own laws even if said laws go against the feds. What message does this send to the people?

Well one big one might be that they no longer have to obey said laws from either state or the feds and they can do what they want. I see it everyday where I live, and it is only getting worse. It may be coming in the near future that things will be go the way that no one needs them to go, and when that happens we are all lost.

Can I be the only one…..

25, Feb, 2020

Can I be the only in the world that thinks they ruined the Stars Wars saga with all these prequels and sequels? I mean the man who wrote the damned things said he did not envision more then sex movies. So when the rights get bought, what do they do? Flood the fucking market with this contrived bullshit.

I get it people eat it up, or some do anyways. I personally will not see one of the movies when I have to pay for it. I will not buy the shitty merchandise, nor allow it in my house. I went to friend’s house to help him fix his pellet stove. His wife started on the Star Wars shitdom, I told I believed the new ones ruined the whole franchise. She got pissed and tried to hit me with a fucking fake light saber and kicked me out. Needless to say I have not, nor will I go back. He is still my friend and always will be, but his wife can go fuck herself.

Do not get me started on the marvel cash grab they have made of that universe. No real plots just big explosions, and shit. Makes me sick as fuck to think I contributed to keep these things alive as a kid. Now it is nothing but garbage.

Susan Sarandon

23, Feb, 2020

So I guess Susan had some things to say today. Twitter is abuzz with their bullshit as usual, but if Brad Pitt, and Clint Eastwood could say what they want why can’t she? She says Pelosi should be fired and I happen to agree with her. Instead of Pelosi doing her job she has a hard on for the President. She spends her time trying to impeach someone who does what he said he would. I don’t have to agree with the methods, but the man did it.

I personally believe such polarizing figures in our country should keep their mouths shut, come election time. That is how it used to be before everyone started spouting their shit online. People blindly follow these people and never think for themselves. All of the actors in the world are only looking for attention, and they get it when people start spewing their shit. That is exactly what it is is shit. Most don’t have a god damned brain in their heads, and just because they do not like the person they spew shit against them.

I would not be against an initiative to stop shithead Hollywood spamtards from talking about politics publicly. Sure let them vote, but make them shut their traps about politics.

People and the Net

23, Feb, 2020

People today put too much information about their private lives on the Internet. Whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, etc… these things belong in the privacy of your own home.

Most people do not care if you have an ingrown toenail, we do not care if you slept with your brother, we do not care if your yeast infection has gotten worse. These things belong in your own home and not on public display. The whole world is this way now. It is called over sharing and needs to be reigned in. Sure social media had brought good things as well, but this one is very bad one.

People have had their homes broken into and things all because they do not filter what they put online. Sure they blame the criminals, but ultimately it is their own fault for saying online when they would not be home. They put online how long they will gone for, and where they are going. These kinds of things do not belong online.

Sure you can interact with your friends online and that is a good thing, but you do need a filter for what you put to the public. Of course how can we be any different when our own governmental representatives do not have said filter. They spout none sense and people clap and scream.

It may be time for the U.S. to stop and take a look at themselves, this will never happen though. There are not enough people left with the couth, as my mother would have said, to fix the way things are going. As it stands I believe the U.S. is in a free fall and no one will be there to catch us at the end.

Pitt and Trump

23, Feb, 2020

Ok so Brad Pitt said some shit he should not have at the Oscars. What I mean by that is if he doesn’t care for trump that is fine, but the Senate decided on whether or not those witnesses testified, not Trump. So he basically dissed all of the Senate and not Trump. Sure Trump came back and said he was a wiseguy, because he acted like one.

It used to be that people respected the office of the President in this country, even if they did not like the man. That office should hold some the highest regard of the country. Am I saying what Trump has said, or did all okay? NO I am not, but we have had other Presidents with the same problem and people did not do this to them.

It is no wonder other countries laugh at us now, when you have the idiots all clamoring after the most powerful man in the country. Ready to pounce and rip apart what he says, or does and even going so far to rip up speeches on live television. People often wonder why other countries do the things they do and hate Americans. Why we are not regarded as we once were. They have no place to look but at themselves.

Sure I may not care for what our President does, or say sometimes, but I was taught you respect the office none the less. I would never even think to say some of things people say about it. I have some integrity left I guess and many, many Americans do not. Especially the media in this country, that will do and say anything to get attention.

If anyone reads this and thinks this man is crazy, I may well be very crazy. The whole country seems to want to divide itself, and the last time this happened it was very bloody. I do not wish to even hear of this type of thing in this country of ours. We are better then this I think, or maybe I am incorrect.