Pitt and Trump

23, Feb, 2020

Ok so Brad Pitt said some shit he should not have at the Oscars. What I mean by that is if he doesn’t care for trump that is fine, but the Senate decided on whether or not those witnesses testified, not Trump. So he basically dissed all of the Senate and not Trump. Sure Trump came back and said he was a wiseguy, because he acted like one.

It used to be that people respected the office of the President in this country, even if they did not like the man. That office should hold some the highest regard of the country. Am I saying what Trump has said, or did all okay? NO I am not, but we have had other Presidents with the same problem and people did not do this to them.

It is no wonder other countries laugh at us now, when you have the idiots all clamoring after the most powerful man in the country. Ready to pounce and rip apart what he says, or does and even going so far to rip up speeches on live television. People often wonder why other countries do the things they do and hate Americans. Why we are not regarded as we once were. They have no place to look but at themselves.

Sure I may not care for what our President does, or say sometimes, but I was taught you respect the office none the less. I would never even think to say some of things people say about it. I have some integrity left I guess and many, many Americans do not. Especially the media in this country, that will do and say anything to get attention.

If anyone reads this and thinks this man is crazy, I may well be very crazy. The whole country seems to want to divide itself, and the last time this happened it was very bloody. I do not wish to even hear of this type of thing in this country of ours. We are better then this I think, or maybe I am incorrect.

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