Susan Sarandon

23, Feb, 2020

So I guess Susan had some things to say today. Twitter is abuzz with their bullshit as usual, but if Brad Pitt, and Clint Eastwood could say what they want why can’t she? She says Pelosi should be fired and I happen to agree with her. Instead of Pelosi doing her job she has a hard on for the President. She spends her time trying to impeach someone who does what he said he would. I don’t have to agree with the methods, but the man did it.

I personally believe such polarizing figures in our country should keep their mouths shut, come election time. That is how it used to be before everyone started spouting their shit online. People blindly follow these people and never think for themselves. All of the actors in the world are only looking for attention, and they get it when people start spewing their shit. That is exactly what it is is shit. Most don’t have a god damned brain in their heads, and just because they do not like the person they spew shit against them.

I would not be against an initiative to stop shithead Hollywood spamtards from talking about politics publicly. Sure let them vote, but make them shut their traps about politics.

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