People and the Net

23, Feb, 2020

People today put too much information about their private lives on the Internet. Whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, etc… these things belong in the privacy of your own home.

Most people do not care if you have an ingrown toenail, we do not care if you slept with your brother, we do not care if your yeast infection has gotten worse. These things belong in your own home and not on public display. The whole world is this way now. It is called over sharing and needs to be reigned in. Sure social media had brought good things as well, but this one is very bad one.

People have had their homes broken into and things all because they do not filter what they put online. Sure they blame the criminals, but ultimately it is their own fault for saying online when they would not be home. They put online how long they will gone for, and where they are going. These kinds of things do not belong online.

Sure you can interact with your friends online and that is a good thing, but you do need a filter for what you put to the public. Of course how can we be any different when our own governmental representatives do not have said filter. They spout none sense and people clap and scream.

It may be time for the U.S. to stop and take a look at themselves, this will never happen though. There are not enough people left with the couth, as my mother would have said, to fix the way things are going. As it stands I believe the U.S. is in a free fall and no one will be there to catch us at the end.

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