Can I be the only one…..

25, Feb, 2020

Can I be the only in the world that thinks they ruined the Stars Wars saga with all these prequels and sequels? I mean the man who wrote the damned things said he did not envision more then sex movies. So when the rights get bought, what do they do? Flood the fucking market with this contrived bullshit.

I get it people eat it up, or some do anyways. I personally will not see one of the movies when I have to pay for it. I will not buy the shitty merchandise, nor allow it in my house. I went to friend’s house to help him fix his pellet stove. His wife started on the Star Wars shitdom, I told I believed the new ones ruined the whole franchise. She got pissed and tried to hit me with a fucking fake light saber and kicked me out. Needless to say I have not, nor will I go back. He is still my friend and always will be, but his wife can go fuck herself.

Do not get me started on the marvel cash grab they have made of that universe. No real plots just big explosions, and shit. Makes me sick as fuck to think I contributed to keep these things alive as a kid. Now it is nothing but garbage.

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